We, Chef Master Classes

…are a sophisticated company and our main goal is to promote premium Food and Beverage labels in Global Market.

Our mission is to promote your products (Food and Beverage) targeting in the existing markets as well in new ones, highlighting the unique characteristics, the high nutritional value and the ways in which they can be combined in local cuisines reaching new consumer communities.

Marketing Creations

One of the main activities that contributes the maximum in the product’s promotion is the rebranding of the product. Throughout this activity we upgrade and modify the exterior appearance of the products. This action is taken care by our experience creational team who is aiming through the elegant appearance of the product to highlight the premium nutrition value of the product. Such activities are the re-designing the product label, the shape and color of the container and other.

Our network

We achieve this goal through our experienced and developed agent network in Europe, Asia and America in order to achieve the best results for our customers.

Menus for Restaurants and Hotels

Furthermore, our Chef’s team could propose and prepare special menus for Hotels and Restaurants with tasty combinations based on customer and consumer needs.