We, Chef Master Classes

…are a sophisticated company and our main goal is to promote premium Food and Beverage labels in Global Market.

Our mission is to promote your products (Food and Beverage) targeting in the existing markets as well in new ones, highlighting the unique characteristics, the high nutritional value and the ways in which they can be combined in local cuisines reaching new consumer communities.


The main focus of our marketing team is to promote your product in the best way so as to succeed in better sales in short and long term and to establish the brand of your product as a unique in the market. Our team is dealing with the hole marketing package, starting with a proposal of redesigning the exterior part or the label of the product and concluding in promoting the product in supermarket, restaurants, culinary schools and finally advertising in social media.

Consumable Services

Our company provides the best solutions concerning consumables services of your food products. Through our network we conduct a thoroughly research, worldwide, so as to find the best consumables concerning quality and prices from certified producers. In close coordination with the marketing department and the style guide of your product, we find all these consumables which will provide the best image of your product in compliance with environmental care, aiming to higher sales.

Worldwide Sales

We conduct an exclusive world wide market research through our experience network to identify the best selling points for your product (restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers or retailers) in compliance with your needs and mutual gains for your company and end customers.

Consulting Services

Our main purpose is to guide you through a detailed business plan which will depict the short and long term tasks, having as main objective the expansion of your bussines on the simultaneously recognition of your product.